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Back in the 1960's, the restaurant only served hamburgers and shakes from its tiny two table dinning room. In 1977, three school teachers took over and it soon became the Farmers Daughter's, serving homemade cuisine. In 1989, the gardens flourished, the menu grew, the restaurant expanded, and the Summer Kitchen made its debut. Ever since then, the Summer Kitchen has been a delight for summer visitors. 

The Summer Kitchen is renowned for the famous soup bar, beautiful gardens, and friendly staff. The Summer Kitchen is proudly owned by two brothers, Armando and Nino Jauregui. The brothers emigrated to California from Mexico, and started working in the restaurant business. Nino was the first to move to Door County, encouraged by an uncle who was already here, and he continued his restaurant career. He found a home waiting tables at the Summer Kitchen, and Armando followed as the head chef. In 2008, the siblings took over the business, keeping the same familiarity that customer have known to love and return for year after year. 

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Armando and Nino Jauregui, brothers and co-owners

From the Press


Peninsula Pulse 

"The Summer Kitchen’s charm rises out of a mixture between the Jauregui brothers’ sense of humor, warmth and dedication to their clientele, and the high caliber of food served. They strive to gain the approval of every single customer and to always provide meals that are above average, excellent."

"The quality of the food – the fresh fruit as a garnish for breakfast and the high quality ingredients sets them apart more than anything else.” 

"Whether you are looking for something sweet or savory, spicy or delicately flavorful, the Summer Kitchen’s wide range of menu choices leaves all the foodies satisfied, and no delicious crumb unturned."

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The Summer Kitchen, 1950 

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